Filmmaking is a creative process. However, this process is marred with some petty problems worldwide. But, in Indian Film Industry, the problems are far more varied and complicated. Specially when it comes to making a Regional Cinema….Let’s take a look at some of the major problems that pose as a hurdle for Regional Cinema: The Challenges…
So , What are the challenges?? Let’s take a look..
1) Unstructured- The Regional Film Industry except for down south, are not structured. Surprisingly, commitments are of lesser weight than paper here. Ironical but true.

2) Nepotism- With a population of over one billion, Indians prefer to get their relatives placed in their line of work. And Bollywood & Regional Film Industry is no exception. With almost every third actor coming from the family of a yesteryear actor, our film industry has been plagued with this virus of relativity since filmmaking became a big business. Even today, its deemed almost impossible for a talented newcomer to make a mark Film Industry without any Godfather.
3) Lack of good scripts- Unfortunately this problem is due to copying of scripts from Hindi Film Industry. Any Hindi film who has earned a substantial box office ratings & reached 100 crore club is copied & it’s cloned script is prepared to get the same successful response from regional audience as well. like to play safe, and in order to do so, they do not shy away from employing old formulas and clichés

4) Unavailability of Screens for Regional Cinema- Regional Cinemas are subjected to mostly single screen screenings. Multiplexes are a far dream for many Regional Cinemas still. The problem can be sorted out by Quality- at- par in regional cinemas. If the quality in Production increases, viewership would increase and therein ticketing volume for regional cinemas would force multiplex owners to open doors to the cousins of Hindi Cinema.

5) Piracy- A worldwide issue, Piracy has been eating into the revenues since home media was invented. Started as bootlegged VHS tapes with hussy visuals and static over the sound, now we can get crystal clear HD quality digital print online just 2 days after the release of a movie. Though some indie filmmakers have debunked the theory that piracy creates a big hole in the producer’s pocket, it still remains one issue against which all the film industries of the world come together to join forces
6) Not so strong government policies for regional cinemas- Few state governments have announced subsidiary in yesteryear’s but still there is a long way to go.

Challenges are there but with effective planning & guidance success is achieved which eventually I did friends 🙂
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