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TV Show Pranam Bharat (2015)

Pranam Bharat is a Cultural Travel Show of 8 Episodes telecasted on ETV Rajasthan between Jan 2015′ to May 2015′. It showcased rich cultural & a mythological extravaganza of Rajasthan. The show boosted Rajasthan Tourism on global forefront.

Synopsis of Episodes

Episode 1
Episode of Jaipur & Surrounding

Episode 2
Episode of Alwar & Surrounding

Episode 3
Episode of Puskar & Surrounding

Episode 4
Episode of Ajmer & Surrounding

Episode 5
Episode of Abhaneri & Bhanderej

Episode 6
Episode of Outer Jaipur

Episode 7
Episode of Sariska & Surrounding

Episode 8
Episode of Khatu Shyam Ji