Unlock The Secret of Everlasting Happiness

Million times the question of Everlasting happiness or permanent bliss must have crossed your mind and you must have silenced it with half-baked answer that –“ There is nothing called Everlasting happiness or permanent Bliss in this firmament “ !
Well, the good news is – there exists this state when your happiness will never ever vanish in thin air but remain encompassed as permanent part of your being .

Let me tell you, how to achieve it. My Dear readers happiness for most of us is a factor of accomplishments of our desires . We have a long laundry list of desires and as and when any desire is fulfilled; we are immensely elated; we experience profound happiness. On the contrary when the said desire is not fulfilled we are deep down drowned in the well of hopelessness & sadness. Isn’t it ?

But the secret lies in the question-Why?? You do not need gratification of desires to feel happy as happiness should not be based on desires but solely a feeling which is self-curated by mind based on your belief that a super power exists within you and that is your energy to achieve anything under this sun. Trust me friends. all of us are powerhouses of energy. We should know from inner core of our being that we have the power to change circumstances, we have the power to convert our failures into success, we have the power to rise after falling even multiple times as we have immense powerhouses of intrinsic energy given at our birth as human beings. The idea is just to awaken it! This energy is the sole reason of your everlasting happiness and permanent bliss as you do not have to depend on anybody else for a happy life but only train your mind body to understand and awaken the energy which has the capacity to keep you happy, blissful and contented not only for this life but many lives to come. So isn’t is a call for celebration? Isn’t is reason to be always happy even if our desires are not fulfilled as we know we have the capacity to achieve anything whenever we want. So why should we make our happiness dependent on desires. Free it and experience the Everlasting bliss & happiness from this moment onwards. Hope this unique mantra brings lot of sunshine in your life !!

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