It is rightly said “Your Mind Is Your Master” ! But the secret is to train the mind so that it becomes a favourable Master. It speaks what you feed in ! The root cause of “Anger” is wrong input of thoughts in the mind. As simple as that. If you control the inputs there would be almost no or minimal manageable anger. Trust me friends ! Then the million dollar question is what should the mind be fed to eradicate anger ?

Here is the laundry list customized for you-

1) Concentrate on ‘SELF GROWTH’ instead of scrolling the entire newsfeed on social media connected to other people’s lives. These are ‘Junk inputs’ for you !

2) Keep your relationships healthy which will give loads of positive vibes as input to your mind which is highly required to eradicate anger !

3) Keep your finances clean. Do not overspend. Budget and prioritize expenses. This will provide lot of relaxation vibes to your mind to keep stress levels minimized !

4) Laugh loud, watch your favourite entertainment boosters, add humour to everyday chores, indulge in your favourite cuisines . All these are catalyzers for happy inputs to mind !

5) Last but not the least- Give your mind that protective shield of thoughts as input which will not allow any anger to seep in ! And that is- ‘Everyday Meditation’ for 10 minutes. If you are too busy to do it; then do it for 15 minutes; as you need it more !

Hence my dear readers, by following these inputs or ‘Food for Mind’ you will conquer your anger permanently .

Stay Happy, Stay Mind Healthy !!

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