Lock down is a very proactive step taken for our safety in recent times. However boredom sets in and the mind succumbs to negative thinking. Our families comprises of senior citizens, adults & kids. Sharing few tips to keep your family engaged-

Activities for Senior Citizens–

It is pertinent to keep our elders engaged as they are at a very sensitive stage of their lives. They can be guided to write a book on their experiences in life, create spiritual poems, read motivational books, listen to music and spend at least an hour per day with their grand children .

Activities for Adults–


This is the age group who are accustomed to a very active life . They always complain regarding lack of time for leisure. Now, Mother nature has provided you that precious time so utilize it. Most of you are ‘Working from home’ but that does not mean that you keep occupied yourself 24*7 on your laptop. Brush up your dormant hobbies. You could be a good cook, writer, plant lover, sportsperson so awaken the childhood hobby and abreast yourself with ways to update it. By the end of Lock down you might have a parallel profession ! Isn’t that amazing…

Activities for kids-

Best part is most of the schools in India have started online classes now so at least in this way kids are connected with their teachers and friends. So a common happiness is created which is very important for children’s mental health. In their leisure time guide kids to take up creative pursuits like painting, singing, dancing, writing, public speaking skills, reading etc. It is a very good time to nurture the extra-curricular activities for them.

We also need to take care of our health and boost our immunity system. This applies for all age groups hence it should be followed as a daily regime.

Hence by following these easy tips you can also keep your family engaged and spend the much needed quality time with each other. Remember, time never stops so this difficult time will also pass , Stay motivated, Stay Home & Stay Healthy !

Take care !