My Dear Readers,

Today I’m going to write about a topic which is often put in the closets of our wardrobes & misinterpreted at times. All of us, in our life times have experienced the piercing edge of “Criticism”. CRITICISM…the word itself makes our face red & probably we want to either ignore it or thrash somebody’s head. Isn’t it ?? But let me reveal a little secret of transition from ordinary to extra-ordinary… YOU NEED TO EMBRACE CRITICISM LIKE YOUR BEST FRIEND.

No.1 if somebody criticizes your action or your product or even just your thought process, don’t just see RED but take a chill pill. First, you need to analyze – Is there a shred of truth in their criticism or is there a healthy suggestion?? If your logical mind perceives some healthy input- you must actually thank your critic as their suggestion wrapped up in stroll of criticism will improvise your product or idea.

No. 2, if there is smell of plain jealousy then you have the reason to CELEBRATE. My Dear readers, people are jealous of only those who have something to be made jealous for…as simple as that. People try to pull back only those few who are actually ahead of others…if you’re not ahead there can be no pulling back. The fact that your critics want to sheath you proves you’re doing something exceptionally good & you are no more ordinary but rather you are on your path to become that EXTRAORDINARY. So, Just smile & thank your critic in your hearts for making you realize that you are on your path to achieve super-success.

So, my dear readers in both the cases CRITICISM IS GOOD for You & it will only add another feather to your endeavors. Smile & Rejoice. CRITICISM IS ACTUALLY GOOD.