Tough situation do not last but tough men do. Friends we are certainly facing the most testing period of our lives during Lock down but I would like to share the 4P’s which you can do to keep yourself motivated.

1- Practice

Practice all the norms which government is asking us to follow- washing hands regularly, sanitize, social distancing and lock down. Remember this is for your own safety and safety of your loved ones and fellow citizens. If you love your country you will adhere to these guidelines, I’m sure.

2- Propagate

Propagate whatever knowledge/ expertise you have among people via phone or social media in this crucial hour. This will make you & all your connects happier.

3- Peace


It is very important to keep your mind fitness intact at this hour. Do not let depression set in . Practice meditation, yoga, work-outs or any other form of mind relaxing techniques everyday. This will ward away all negative feelings and infuse positive vibes not only in your ecosystem but entire household.

4- Promote


Convert this challenge into the best opportunity of your live. Brush your expertise. Awaken the dormant artist in you. You could be a wonderful writer, painter, singer, chef etc. This is the time to elevate your skills by regular practice and promote yourself to the next level of growth professionally .

So friends the 4P’s have a dual effect on your lifestyle. No1- It will leverage your skills . No2- We will be ready to add your newly integrated skills to elevate the economic growth GDP of our country . Take care, Stay at home & Stay Safe. keep yourself motivated because this has to pass off, it is just the matter of time.