It is rightly observed that the metamorphosis of evolving lifestyle brings with it stress and some unhealthy competition. Youngsters have a taxing lifestyle in today’s environment and time. They need to be guided and monitored closely with the help of workshops to help them lead a healthy lifestyle and reach their goals. It is but natural for them to commit mistakes as mistakes are part and parcel of growing up process. Importance lies in learning from the past mistakes or saving them from the blocks on the road ahead by imparting proper workshop training & guidance. Keeping in sync with this thought process, I have been instrumental in organizing frequent motivational seminars & workshops . If you say something is right or wrong or just go blab la with your tirade, trust me nobody’s going to listen to you. However, if you show them “Why to do it” and “how to do it”, chances are 50% of them will pay heed. It’s demonstrative world and everything here works with an example. I figured that out quite early in life so started experimenting educating people with the new way of learning.The “Workshop” way of learning. “Fun Learning” and “Experiential Learning” is the new mode of knowledge. It’s an “Autopilot “ mode basically. Isn’t it? Most of you will agree with me. Testimonials are smiling faces in workshops during activities and workshop interactive games. Once, the presentation part stretches for too long, faces drop looking at corners of the room. Then I say, “Switch Mode” and Yippee , the faces are aglow again.

These workshops are very interactive and motivate youngsters to recognize their intrinsic strengths to achieve success in life. Every individual is a power packed resource of energy. They just need to unleash that locked up energy. Our budding individuals have the capacity to succeed in most difficult test, to turn a business in ruins to successful enterprise and to win a 1000 miles marathon. These customized workshops, in form of interactive games, teach them to achieve their goals in life with minimal stress. They teach to eradicate fear of performance, convert their greatest weaknesses into strengths, boost confidence, communicate effectively and ways to achieve their goals in life.

It is rightly said that if your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all. Students highly benefit from these career enhancing and confidence boosting workshops. These workshops also encourage youngsters to develop their own personal definition of success, write it down, refer to it daily and ask themselves how they can lead a life of both success and significance. It is heartening to witness the positive change slowly seeping into the lives of youngsters and professionals by our efforts. Catch On the “New way of Learning”.