Hats off to our scientist’s fraternity for making us feel proud to be Indians yet again.

As India created history today, becoming the first country to successfully get a spacecraft into the Martian orbit on its maiden attempt, we were initially dumbfounded and then felt sudden eruption of joy!

Indian Space Research Organization’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft started orbiting the red planet at 7.47am. It was only 12 minutes later because of a time delay in radio signals travelling the 680 million km — that scientists at ISRO in Bangalore, could erupt in joy as Prime Minister Narendra Modi stood a happy witness.

Later, addressing the scientists at ISRO, our Prime Minister very rightly said there should be manifold times excitement and celebrations than India witnesses after winning a cricket tournament. Several times we just scan through these headlines as routine news-hunting and don’t feel the euphorbia matching our other trigger excitements. Perhaps watching a 500 crore box-office collections movie or world cup keeps us more at edges of our seat. We shouldn’t blame ourselves but strive to change the thought process generating such step mom attitude.

Let us make a nation which experiences the same elation when an International trade pact is signed, when we feel accountable and part of good governance, when scientific victories like “MOM” is successful to match eating our favorite cuisine, watching our favorite show or going round for a long cruise! We can…….We WILL! All of us can hear NEO India beckoning and striding fast in race of No. 1!!!