Money can buy you power, pelf & fame. Important? Yes, to an extend, especially in today’s catastrophic lifestyle. It is age-old saying money can buy you everything but it cannot buy true love and a good relationship! On the contrary to sustain that million dollar relationship one needs a decent bank balance. So basically both are synonymous but self regulatory. A good balance of one’s finances streamlines positive vibes in the household leading to marital and family bliss! On the other hand a imbalance of green shelves can push the red buzzer in alarming family discord. Hence, in today’s bullet ed life proper planning and open communication with spouse can help prevent that silent disaster in household!

Few Tips which will help you ride the tide:

1. Monthly Budget in Place
Every healthy relationship should start with a healthy budget. As a couple, you should figure out how much you need to spend on necessities, such as your mortgage payments ones, and how much you can afford to put toward discretionary items, including entertainment and shopping. If you’re having trouble agreeing on how much you need to set aside for certain goals, including retirement and your kids’ education, consider hiring a financial planner.
In the context of financial infidelity, couples also need to decide how much each spouse can spend without telling the other person.

2. End the Power Struggles
Your money or my money honey?? One way to end any sort of power struggle over money is to have separate bank accounts. One can have three accounts. One for him, one for her, and a third for joint household expenses. This arrangement is good and financial planners suggest couples put an equal percentage of their income into the joint account and then fund their own accounts with what’s left over. If one person isn’t working, the one who is should fund the non-working spouse’s account.

3. No Secrets Please
If one spouse has a spending problem and has accumulated debt, now is the time to speak up. Once the problem is out in the open, the two of you can work together to figure out a way for the bills to get paid off. If the credit card balances are very high and one person feels terribly wronged, if there is an addiction problem at the heart of the matter, help your partner get professional help he needs.

4. Don’t Share Debt:
It is strongly recommended that spouses should keep their debts separate. The only debt one should have in common is a mortgage. Smaller debts acquired on items for each spouse should be in that spouse’s name alone. Doing this protects you from irresponsible actions by your spouse. If your husband has a tendency to buy lots of toys on credit, let him be the one responsible for paying off that debt. If your wife loves to shop for shoes and has a credit card for every department store in town, let her be responsible for those debts.

5. Have an Emergency Plan:
Ensure that health of entire family, house and all assets are insured. After that always have a ‘Plan B’ that is emergency plan in place. If everything fails then how much fund one should have in order to have a roof at the top and floor below! Don’t ever touch this emergency account but only in case of extremities.

6. Respect non-working spouse:
Always appreciate your non-working spouse for the contributions he/she is making to the family. Show respect and highlight her/his position in the family and how important it is. Your non working spouse should be given sufficient funds in order to ensure proper running of marital cart!

Hence, keeping in mind a few essentials money can be easily channelized towards fruitful goals. Also in turn it can bless us with life fueling relationship with your spouses. Money and honey will definitely go hand in hand with a little effort. So, start practicing and enjoy life!!!