It really pains me to see so many talented young people end their precious lives on trivial issues. I say “trivial” as no problem is bigger than solution. The recent case of a young TV artist resorting to this shook the nation. There has to be a key to every lock, agree some keys are hard to find and the some locks might need little greasing before it opens up but finally locks are meant to be opened. Isn’t it? Or else they would be coined with some other name.

Friends, we need to cultivate our happiness in the soil of our lives. Today I strongly feel the need the jot down the elements which will help us cultivate our happiness. A happiness which is not dependent on any external factors of power, pelf or fame, a happiness which is our innate self, a happiness which will stay with us in highs and lows, a happiness who is a faithful friend….

Steps useful to elevate those negative emotions –

1) Being ambitious is Human- Don’t Overdo it
2) Count your blessings
3) Switch Off Social media one day a week
4) Never overstore emotions
5) Release pent up negative feeling 10 mins a day
6) Try to be in good company at least 15 minutes a day
7) Talk to Real people not virtual
8) Consult experts on an issue which is troubling you, don’t stay mum.

Steps useful for cultivating happiness-

1) Pick up a new hobby, passion, habit.
2) Hug your family members & pet at least once a day.
3) Choose one day in a week as lazy day and do whatever you want except for work.
4) Take a break once in a year and go on that much awaited holiday. Need not be expensive; go to your native village if you wish.
5) Smile to people – It helps
6) Meditate at least 10 minutes a day. Foe busy people meditate 15 minutes a day 
7) Spend at least 4 hours in a week without using any gadgets & gizmos.
8) Don’t starve yourself due to work. A full stomach is more productive, trust me.

Try out these simple tips to make your complex life simpler and real happier. Cultivate your happiness on the soil of your lives. Your happiness in under your control, nobody will give it to you, nobody can take it from you if you don’t wish. Good Luck!