Hello Friends,

Heard of the term before? No…Yes…! Ok. Let me help you understand the term. Regression Therapy is a technique in which an expert regresses or takes back your sub-conscious mind to a point in time where a particular problem rooted and cures it (tries) then and there.

There has been an enormous amount of research done during recent times in the field of Past-Life-Regression. Modern Medical Science has documented it meticulously and the in-depth studies have shown that 90% of illnesses, diseases and ailments that we suffer from, have past life connections.

The therapeutic benefits of Past-Life-Regression can therefore be accepted as a universal fact.The ongoing question of Are past-life recalls actual memories or fantasies? It has still not been answered. In spite of an overwhelming volume of evidence through the work of past-life therapists and practitioners and increasing willingness on the part of people to talk about spontaneous past-life recall, the discussion continues.

Practitioners who have used past-life regression to release a phobia or other long-held patterns that do not appear to have their origins in a client’s current life enthusiastically support it to be a powerful healing modality, and generally accept the memories to be actual recall of events in a former life. The experiences of hundreds of therapists, over more than two decades, with vast numbers of clients between them, move most practitioners to accept the memories as authentic. Some practitioners, however, are not willing to acknowledge that although some regressions may be actual past-life memories, other regressions may be fantasy.

Reincarnation and Past-Life-Regression are not modern concepts. People have believed in reincarnation since ancient times. Since prehistoric times, there have been numerous techniques used to explore past lives. Every religion has an ‘inner teaching’, and within that inner teaching, reincarnation and its evolutionary implications have been accepted as the universal truth. There is sufficient evidence to show that the Hindus, Ancient Celts, the Egyptians, the Tibetans, and the Hebrew Cabalists etc. used Past-Life Remembrance.

The journey of the soul continues even after our physical body ceases to exist! Lord Sri Krishna said in ‘The Bhagavad Gita’, “As a man, casting off worn-out garments, takes new ones, so the dweller in the body, casting off worn-out bodies, enters into others that are new”. He has also said “The misdeeds of our past lives torment us in the form of illnesses or ailments”. From this we understand how all our ailments have their root cause in past-life actions. This is the fundamental principle on which the entire concept of Past-Life-Regression is based. ‘Past-Life-Regression’ is based on the universal law of cause and effect, which is also known as the ‘Law of Karma’. A person’s past actions affect his or her present conditions. The effect could be on physical health, emotional condition, mental state or spiritual well-being. A few examples of root causes are: unfulfilled desires, thoughts, feelings, emotions, vows, promises, decisions, evasions or traumatic experiences. The root causes are invariably in the past.

In Regression therapy, there is a possibility to visualize one’s past life/lives depending on state of his/her own subconscious mind. Some people are hyper-active and it takes lot of sessions to soothe their conscious mind and travel into the astral world of sub-conscious mind. All events are stored in this firmament as a wavelength, only we need to tune into that wavelength to see them again. That is what our Yogis have been doing through meditation. And truly “Trikal Darshi “ did exist though in present circumstances even if we can catch some glimpses of unknown, regression will be a success!!